Automotive Window tint

Ceramic window tint services for vehicles — keeping you cool through the brutal Texas heat.

Price Range: $3,000 — $500

Automotive window tint Services

SPINAL offers 3M™ Automotive Window Film giving your vehicle not only the look you’re after, but with Ceramic technology, you get the heat rejecting benefits that keep you cool even on the hottest Texas days.

3M Ceramic IR Window Tint also offers a variety of other benefits including UV blocking, glare reduction, and the obvious added privacy and security for your vehicle.

  • Offering 3 shades: Dark-5%, Medium-15% & Light-35%
  • 3M™ Ceramic IR Series Tint
  • Blocks 99% UV Rays & up to 88% Infrared Heat Rejection
  • Lifetime warranty


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why deal with the texas heat?

There’s nothing worse than getting in you car on a scorching hot day, and even after cranking up the A/C on full blast, you still continue to sweat bullets as you drive to your destination. 

This is so common for us Texans, the solution is just not common knowledge yet. The answer is ceramic nano technology. While the typical carbon tint will add privacy and reduce glare it does little to nothing to reject heat. Which if you ask us at SPINAL, “what’s the point of that?”

That’s why we only offer what we ourselves feel is the best, Ceramic Tint. 

Feel the DIFFERENCE of ceramic nano technology

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The SPINAL Install Guarantee covers any installation failure for up to 2 years. If it fails—we repair it.


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Frequently asked questions

How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

The Window Tinting Process takes our shop 2 – 4 hours depending on the number of windows for your project. We prefer to arrange vehicle pick-up on the same day, we’ll make sure to let you know a better installation estimate during drop-off. SPINAL offers a small lobby area for those willing to wait out the process, though we recommend that you arrange a ride to-and-from the shop during the tinting service.


Upkeep is minimal for Ceramic Window tint, simply use an ammonia free cleaner like “Invisible Glass” and a soft microfiber cloth or squeegee to clean up any grease and dirt that accumulates on your windows. And voila prefect streak-free window, perfect for both sides of the glass. 

Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth It?

You live in Texas, right? Hell yeah! Ceramic tint is a special type of film that’s specifically engineered to reduce the UV and Infrared rays from the sun. This means that your car rides are cool and comfortable all year long. Plus, this protects your interiors from sun damage and has lifetime no-fade guarantees.

Standard tint or carbon tint are mainly used for appearance. And, while it does reduce the UV rays and add privacy, it does little-to-nothing for heat reduction and some tend to fade over time.

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