Paint Protection Film

PPF is the ultimate film to protect your pride and joy. PPF offers the longest lifetime warranty and a nearly invisible application that gives you better than paint finishes.

PPF Services

Clear film application

Gloss PPF is so good you won’t even know it’s there. Perfect for our “Full Front” and “Track Pack” film application packages. As its invisible nature gives you protection exactly where you need it and where you don’t. But even our “Full Vehicle” install brings life back into your vehicle with its hyper gloss finish revealing even the best paint job gloss finishes.  

  • Choose From Three Install Packages: Full Front, Track Pack & Full Vehicle
  • Hyper Gloss Finish 
  • 8-10 Year Warranty 
  • Protects Against Rock Chips, Scratches and Swirling

stealth film application

Stealth PPF is a fantastic option is you want to spice up your current paint job – turning it into a silky smooth satin finish. This film will make any car into a head turner. While having this finish with a paint job would be a headache due to its sensitive nature. You have nothing to worry with this stealth film as it doesn’t stain like a typical matte/satin paint job would — All of the benefits and none of the downsides.

  • Stain Free Upkeep
  • Silky Smooth Satin Finish
  •  8-10 Year warranty 
  • Protects Against Rock Chips, Scratches and Swirling

color change ppf

One of the most exciting innovations coming into the industry is the introduction of colored PPF. Now you get all of the benefits of the protection, durability, and paint like finishes—But now being able to completely change the color of your vehicle to some of the most beautiful colors and finishes available.  

  • 100’s of color options
  • High-end paint job like finishes
  • Exact same protection as clear and stealth films   


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the best protection, best durability & best finishes

Without any protection you leave your expensive vehicle out to the elements—to do what it does best—break down and take over. Your vehicle slowly accumulates wear and tear as you enjoy it.

PPF gives you peace of mind as you enjoy your drives and as your vehicle sits out in the harsh Texas environment. A layer of Polyurethane acts as a physical barrier between your perfect paint and the rough world.   

With a 8-10 year lifespan PPF has a great return on investment; it’s straightforward removal years down the line will reveal your virtually untouched paint underneath. Keeping the resale value of your vehicle, or to just simply appreciate the ability to daily drive a vehicle without having to riddle it with little love dings or chips that it picks up on the highways.

hidden or classy armor for your ride

PPF Gallery

The SPINAL Install Guarantee covers any installation failure for up to 2 years. If it fails—we repair it.


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Frequently asked questions

How Long Does PPF Work Take?

The PPF process varies depending on the how many panels you plan to wrap. At SPINAL our customers can choose from three different PPF packages: Full Front, Track Pack & Full Vehicle.

Partial PPF wraps, including the Full Front and Track Pack package can take between 2 – 3 days depending on the vehicle. While our Full Vehicle PPF package can take anywhere between 5 – 9 days in the shop to complete.


Preserving your Paint Protection Film (PPF) requires regular cleaning with a mild PH-neutral automotive shampoo and a soft microfiber cloth to remove debris and stains.

Hand washing is recommended, as automatic brush carwashes can damage the edges of the PPF wrap and cause micro-scratches on the film that dull the sheen over time. 

Lastly, at SPINAL we highly recommend the use of ceramic coatings on your PPF wrap to add scratch-resistance and make the vehicle much easier to clean with it’s water-proof properties.

Is PPF Worth It?

Investing in Paint Protection Film (PPF) is worth it for its ability to shield your vehicle’s paint from stone chips, road debris, and minor abrasions, preserving its aesthetic appeal. The transparent nature of PPF allows it to provide protection without altering the original paint color or finish.

Over time, the cost of potential paint repairs and refinishing outweighs the upfront expense of PPF, this becomes apparent the more valuable your vehicle is. Making it a worthwhile investment for long-term paint protection for high-end vehicles.

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