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At SPINAL, we’re not just wrapping or tinting; we’re creating identities on the roads.

You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything

Our process begins with an in-depth understanding of each client’s vision, the vehicle’s characteristics, and the reputation they want to build. Through 1-1 collaboration and a design-centric approach, we expect each client to walk away with a vehicle that looks amazing and demonstrates what they truly stand for. 

From sleek sports cars to rugged off-road vehicles, our tailored approach makes sure that each automotive brand we develop is not just a bunch of random graphics but a narrative – a story told through design, capturing the essence of your brand that resonates with the right people. At SPINAL, we’re not just wrapping or tinting; we’re creating identities on the roads.

our values


The philosophy of the spine is the idea that everything needs to be interconnected. This is true in business and especially true in any creative endeavor. We create a strong SPINAL structure with design, customer experience, and brand identity.


Effective design makes all the difference, it’s one of the most crucial elements in business. Typically it’s considered a luxury for big brands and businesses, but we help make it your advantage.


Our work is an art form. Craft did not happen overnight. Our skills were built through years of practice, learning and countless hours of work. Just like any master of their craft will say ‘You’re not a master if you stop learning’.


Simplicity is distilling knowledge into wisdom. We like to keep things simple, whether that’s our design, services, or processes.

Who we are

Isaac Lara

Owner & Operator of SPINAL

I’m a wrapper and designer born and raised here in Texas. With an overall experience of 8 years in the automotive film industry. And, longer working as a designer & illustrator. I pride myself in creating unique experiences for those who want top class design & wraps for their one-of-a-kind vehicles.


Located in Georgetown, Texas

The SPINAL shop is our only location where we complete all the wrapping & tinting work. That includes printing, laminating, wrapping, prepping, etc. We’re equipped to handle the entire automotive branding process. This is where you’ll drop off your vehicles and we’ll take it from there. Servicing all the central Texas area.

make your vehicle part of your story

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